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    第五十五期 1~34The Rules of Public Discursive Space: A Study on Discourses of Salt and Iron of Western Han Dynasty File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Huang, Chi-shu35~66A Study on the Anomalies (Zaiyi) Theories in Fengsu tongyi File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Wong, Chi-hung67~98“Restructuring the face of Du Fu: A Retrospective Reading from Modern Biographies to ‘the History from the Heart.’” File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Huang, Chung-shen99~130Analyzing on How MaoShi LiHuang JiJie Selected and Dropped the Interpretations on Shijing(The Book of Songs) Made Furing Northern Song Dynasty: Focusing The study on Li Shu File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Ho, Mei-chen131~164A study of the exam question on the classic of poetry in the provincial and metropolitan examinations during the Ming Dynasty File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Fan, Yi-ju165~200What Xie Zhao-zhiś Dian Lűe Sees and Connotes File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Wang, Wei-yung201~234On the Academic Value of the Collection of Qing Poetry File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Chan, Tah-wei235~258Hiding in the knifeblade – Discussion on restoration and reconstruction of the world of martial arts in the early republican by Xu Hao Feng File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Chen, Wei-lin259~296From “homeland of production “to “scientific homeland fiction “-- The inheritance and evolution of new generational homeland fiction writing st<x>yles in Taiwan File download Adobe PDF
    第五十五期Chin, Pei-yi297~328Bizarre Interest, Qing Yi Li, Way of Human's World-The Discussion on the Cultural ImplicationsofJi-Shi-Jia-RenModelbyTankai in Japan File download Adobe PDF
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