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    第五十六期Lin, Jia-rong1-34Regional Migration and the Homeland Consciousness in Zhang Yan’s Ci File download Adobe PDF
    第五十六期Liu, Yi-chun35-66Analyzing on “The Theory of Mind-Nature” of Wu Cheng’s “Annotation of Daode Zhenjing” File download Adobe PDF
    第五十六期Chen, Mei-chu67-94A study on the poem-selecting preferences of YuxuanTangshi and Yuxuan Tang Song Shichunin the Qing Dynasty and how that affect Du Fu’s and Li Po’s image File download Adobe PDF
    第五十六期Wang, Hsueh-ling95-122Chrysanthemum and Execution in Autumn:Probing into Min Prison Poetry of the Ching Offical Literati--Chou Liang Gong in the Early Ching Dynasty File download Adobe PDF
    第五十六期Chang, Su-ching123-152Hui Dong’s Discussion of “Great Meaning” and “Subtle Words” in the Yi File download Adobe PDF
    第五十六期Pan, Chao-yang153-186Confucian Folk Moral Education and its Difficulties in Modern Society File download Adobe PDF
    第五十六期Lee, Kuei-yun187-210A Study of the Revolting Meaning of Ling-Yus Poems File download Adobe PDF
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