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    第五十七期Chang, Shu-hao1-28The Transformation of Liu Xiang’s Treatises on the Anomalies File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Chen, Ching-yuan29-56The Debate on Shi Chong’s Theory –“Scholars Should Seek For Body and Fame’s Easiness” File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Huang,Ying-nuan57-86The Citation of Zhu Xi “Consciousness of Mind” to Clarify His “moral agency” of “Mind” Theory File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Huang, Shu-cheng87-112Exploring the Forms and Decorations of Bed Screen Images in the Complete Collection of Ci from Song File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Hsu, Chao-yang113-144Theoretical Types and Meanings of Still and Induction in Neo- Confucianism File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Ho, Mei-chen145-178The study on the drawbacks, criticisms and feedbacks derived from testing on the essay questions of Books of Rites from the perspective of Ming- Qing’s studies on The Books of Rites in the imperial examination. File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Cheng, Ting-yin179-216Chen, Zuo-ming’s Viewpoint of Emotions and Phrase Structure, and His Analysis in Xiao Gang’s Poetry File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Lee, Kwai-sang217-254Allegorical me<x>taphors versus Subtle Words :with Focus on the Classical Origins of Cai, Yuan-pei’s Redology File download Adobe PDF
    第五十七期Hu, Yuan-ling255-288The Reflection on Democracy: Analysis on Liang, Shu-ming’s Theory of Rural Reconstruction from Another Perspective File download Adobe PDF
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