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    第五十八期Kang, Kai-lin1~44An Analytic Discussion on Hu An-guo’sCommentary on Spring and Autumn Annals for Its Regicidal Writings 康凱淋 Adobe PDF
    第五十八期Chien, Chin-sung45~72From Lichun (the beginning of spring) 簡錦松 Adobe PDF
    第五十八期Liao, Mei-yu73~98The performance of phenological perception and landscape writing of Yue-ling’s sequential poetry in Tang dynasty 廖美玉 Adobe PDF
    第五十八期Ko, Chi-shu (Ge, Qi-shu)99~128Derivative Poetics Between Jiangxi School Theory and Commentary on Classical Prose in the Song Dynasty: Tongmeng Shixun and Guwen Guanjian 蓋琦紓 Adobe PDF
    第五十八期Lu, Yi-lu129~166The Spread of Luo Chong Lu in Ming Dynasty 鹿憶鹿 Adobe PDF
    第五十八期Liao, Yu-ru167~190Repetitive and Different Waiting---  廖玉如 Adobe PDF
    第五十八期Wang, Jin-hui191~220On the Historical Development of the 王錦慧 Adobe PDF
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