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    第五十九期Fan, Yi-ju1~28The litchi writing and Wuyi landscapes: with study on Xie Zhao-zhi, Xu Tong and Xu Bo 范宜如 Adobe PDF
    第五十九期Yang, Tzu-ping29~52The Study of the st<x>yle of Yijing Learning in Huang Zong-xi’s Yixuexiangxhulun 楊自平 Adobe PDF
    第五十九期Chang, Wen-chao53~82Criticism of Zhu Xi’s Views on “Zhou Nan” and “Zhao Nan” in the Itō Family Learning in the Edo Period 張文朝 Adobe PDF
    第五十九期Chen, Chih-feng83~122A Contemporary Interpretation of Wang Nian-sun’s Process of Critically Interpreting Ancient Texts in Shi Da 陳志峰 Adobe PDF
    第五十九期Wang, Wei-yung123~160The Analysis and Study of Ci-filling by Literati in Taiwan under Qing Rule and Japanese Colonial Rule 王偉勇 Adobe PDF
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