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    第六十期Chien, Chin-sung1~42Space, On-Site, Disposition——A Profile of the Late Ming Dynasty Presented by Tu, Longs Riding a Horse to Capital 簡錦松 Adobe PDF
    第六十期Cho, Ching-fen43~78A Study on Self-orientation of the Female Poet, Chen, Yun-lian, in the Qing Dynasty from the Perspective of Insc<x>riptions of “Xinfang Pavilion Self-insc<x>ription of Eight Paintings” and “Poetry Drafts from the Xinfang Pavilion” 卓清芬 Adobe PDF
    第六十期Yang, Xiao-bin79~102Literature as Lituraterre: The Literal Littoral in Chen, Lis Poetry 楊小濱 Adobe PDF
    第六十期Shih, Hsiao-feng103~128Writing Native Land and Facing the World: On Li, Zi-shu s Novels 石曉楓 Adobe PDF
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