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    第六十一期Lin, Wei-chieh1~22Cheng, Ming-dao’s Interpretation of Classics and Evaluation of Personages File download Adobe PDF
    第六十一期Lai, Hsi-san23~68Transcultural Dialogue between Zhuangzi and Honneth ——The New Model of Equal Dialectic between Admit Nature and Admit Culture File download Adobe PDF
    第六十一期Liu, Tsang-long69~94Recognition for Nature Honneth’s Theory of Recognition and Wang, Fu-zhi’s Thought of Qi File download Adobe PDF
    第六十一期Liu, De-ming95~126A Study of Words Connection and Events Arrangement in Wu, Cheng’s “Chun-Qiu Zuan-Yan” File download Adobe PDF
    第六十一期Lin, Jia-rong127~164Study of Zhang, Bo-jus “Cong Bi Ci Hua” File download Adobe PDF
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