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    第六十二期Chang, Kun-chiang1~32Yamazaki Ansai’s Controversy with Inkei Chidatsu surrounding Confucianism and Buddhism and Its Consequence File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Liao, Zhao-heng33~58An Analysis of Obaku School and the Poetry-Monk in Mid- Edo Period: a Research ba<x>sed on Anthologies File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Wang, Shih-pe59~100A Subversive White Snake Drama Sequel in Mid-Qing:The Preliminary Analysis of Post-Thunder Peak Pagodacollected in Tenri Library File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Leong, Wei-hean101~124Analysis of the Doctrine of “Covering and Holding” in Zheng, Xuan’s Annotation for “ZhongHe” File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Ho, Mei-chen125~158A Study on Government Documents of Zhao, Gao, Biao of the Provincial Exam and the Capital Exams File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Kuo, Pao-wen159~192Particularity and Difference in Luo, Qin-shun and Wang,Ting-xiangs’ Theory File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Kwok, Pang-fei; Choi, Ting193~236A Study of Yu, Yue’s Zhuzi Pingyi File download Adobe PDF
    第六十二期Lee, Kwai-sang237~282Literary Appreciation and Historical Interpretation:An Analysis of Chen, Yin-ke’s Ideas of Criticism File download Adobe PDF
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