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    第六十三期Lu, Jui-ching1~40On the Portrait stone of Tomb and Ancestral Temples In The world after death of the Eastern Han Dynasty: Shandong, Northern Jiangsu and Northern Anhui as the Center File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Hsie, Hsiu-hui41~74Annotation : Guo Pu and the Classical “Shan Hai Jing” File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Chen, Chia-chi75~110From Historical Record to Historical Novel: Investigating the Succession and Revolution of Legends from Pangu to Tangyu Through its Predecessor Lushi File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Chi, Li-feng111~134The Imaginary City: The Cultural Meaning of Luoyang and Changan in Southern Poems File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Lai, Kuei-san135~170An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences of the Interpretations of “Washing the Mind and Hiding in Secrecy” by Scholars from Song to Qing Dynasties File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Ho, Mei-chen171~202Three Tests in Eight-legged Essay Composition: A Study on Its Ascendance in the Yuan Imperial Examinations File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Su, Min-yi203~234Political Life and the Shaping of Teen Minds: A Discussion of Wang Anyi’s Enlightenment and Bi Feiyu’s Prairie File download Adobe PDF
    第六十三期Cheng, Ming-chung235~266The Diminutive Opacity of Qu Tones in Zhuolan Raoping Hakka and Dongshi Hakka File download Adobe PDF
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