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    第六十四期Huang, Chung-shen1~28 To analyzing Yang-Jian and Yuan-Xie for their attitude of Shu-Xu and Shih-Xu──the southern Song Dynasty Heart-mind Theory scholars attitude of the traditional interpretation of the sc<x>ript File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Yang, Tzu-ping29~54Analysis on Zhouyiyanyi about the Hu Zhen’s standpointin traced back to Cheng Yi File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Chen, Rui-hong55~88On Zhang Huang’s Theory on Hetu and Luoshu in Tushubian File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Chang, Wan-ling89~118Wang Tingxiang’s Theory of ‘Human Nature’ –––Focus on the Theory of ‛Human Nature is Good and Evil’ File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Chung, Shiao-feng119~156Lu You’s writing of dealing with poverty and ‘Shiqiong’ discourse File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Su, Shu-fen157~192Taiwan in Haidong School Principal Tangxun’s Lyrics during the Rule of the Qing Dynasty over Taiwan File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Li, Yuen Mei Fanny193~224Revolution, Popularization and Subjectivity:A Discussion of Dialect Literature Movement and The Story of Shrimp-ball File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Tseng, Tsung-hsiu225~250Lyricalness in ‘Third-Generation Poetry’ on Contemporary China: Bo Hua and Han Dong File download Adobe PDF
    第六十四期Chen, Shu-chuan251~286Dialect Borrowing or Natural Change:Sound Change and Variation in Old Tongan-ba<x>sed Southern Min of Hsinchu, Taiwan File download Adobe PDF
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