Academic research has been a heritage and innovative, rigorous and open, traditional and modern activity. It requires researchers to be diligent, practical, and patient in their works. Moreover, it expects them to discover hidden knowledge, be insightful, and to make breakthrough in their careers. To accomplish such goals, researchers should be persistent and energetic, saturated with life force. Pursuing higher goals, we should not forget to contribute practical values to society. The Bulletin of Chinese has been insistent on such goals, making progress with the balance between the tradition and modern, steadiness and strength in order to develop with similar considerations in different aspects. On the one hand, we endeavor to maintain our tradition, giving equal emphasis on the studies of Confucian classics, history, philosophy, and literature. On the other hand, we also put much weight on the special function of Chinese teaching developed in our department and the important role language plays in modern academic studies.

Frequency of Publication:

Established in 1972, the Bulletin of Chinese was published annually. Since June, 2002, it was changed to be published bi-annually in June and December each year.

  1. Included in THCI in 2018.
  2. Included in THCI in  2016.
  3. Included in THCI Core  from 2005 to 2015.
  4. The Bulletin of Chinese was subsidized in editing expenditure by the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, National Science Council in 2012 and 2013-2019.
  5. The Bulletin of Chinese was subsidized by the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, National Science Council and National Taiwan Normal University in applying SSCI.
  6. The Bulletin of Chinese was ranked as a Class A Journal in the category of literature in the Evaluation of Humanistic Journals sponsored by NSC in 2011. 
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