Academic Ethics

 Bulletin of Chinese: Academic Ethics Regulations

Responsibilities of the Committee of Editors:

• The Bulletin of Chinese is an academic journal that provides a platform for the sharing and publication of academic research results from scholars in the fields related to Chinese (including History, Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, Education, and other relevant interdisciplinary researches).
• All submitted papers will undergo a double-blind peer review, where the editors hold the responsibility of keeping the personal information of both the authors and the reviewers confidential.
• After the papers are received, whether it will be granted for peer review remains at the discretion of the Committee of Editors on the basis of the quality and nature of the papers, as well as the relevant guidelines announced in Calls for Papers.
• It is the responsibility of the assistant editors to contact the authors concerning matters of administration or the revision of papers.
• Papers that are accepted by the Committee of Editors will be directly submitted to the process of editing and publication, which will then be placed in the Bulletin of Chinese in the chronological order of dynasties.
• If the author of a submitted paper is also an editor of the Committee, avoidance of all relevant matters of review related to that paper is unconditionally compulsory.
• In principle, the Bulletin of Chinese does not accept any papers submitted by the Principal Editor or other editors of the Committee of this Journal.

Responsibilities of Reviewers:

• The Bulletin of Chinese expects the reviewers to strictly examine the submitted papers according to the criteria of academic originality, correctness, and value, in order to ensure the quality of review and to improve the academic profile of this Journal.
• The reviewers should pay attention to the references in the submitted papers with regard to whether they are complete and used in reliable and adequate ways.
• When determining the list of reviewer candidates, the Bulletin of Chinese will specifically consider the relationship between the reviewers and the authors (such as supervision of dissertation, family relation, colleague in the same department, academic cooperation, or other conflicts of interest) in order to prevent bias or unfair peer review.
• The review of all submitted papers will be double-blind peer reviews, where the editors holds the responsibility of keeping the personal information of both the authors and the reviewers confidential.

Responsibilities of Authors:

• The authors must verify that the content of the submitted papers have not been published in any other linguistic forms.
• When submitting papers, please follow the guidelines of the Calls for Papers announced by the Bulletin of Chinese.
• If the submitted paper is co-authored by more than one person, the first author should inform all other co-authors of the submission of the paper.
• Before submitting papers, the authors are to obey all the regulations of the Copyright Laws. Before using other people’s words, tables, photographs or other data, authors have the responsibility of obtaining permission in advance or conforming to relevant regulations of academic use. If the submitted papers involve plagiarizing either other people’s publications or the authors’ own past publications, the Bulletin of Chinese will unconditionally reject the submitted papers.
• If the reviewers and the Committee of Editors request that the submitted papers be revised, the authors should revise their papers and send them to the Bulletin of Chinese before the given deadline, together with their replies to the reviewers’ opinions of review.

Ethical Regulations of the Bulletin of Chinese:

• The Bulletin of Chinese has obtained the support of funds from Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, and from the Office of Research and Development, National Taiwan Normal University, which means that under no circumstances will this Journal accept publication of any papers out of commercial purposes.
• To protect the rights possessed by the Bulletin of Chinese, except that the papers are to be reprinted by the authors themselves in their own collection of essays, all papers published by this Journal can only be copied, reprinted, translated, or remade into any other forms by other people, on the condition that they have already obtained written permission from this Journal.
• If the submitted papers are found to be submitted by the authors to other journals, the Bulletin of Chinese will no longer publish any of their papers in the future.
• If the authors are involved in plagiarism or other similar unethical deeds, they will hold all relevant legal responsibilities.
• After the Committee of Editors receive a report of a breach of Academic Ethics Regulations, the Committee will deal with it immediately, unbiasedly, professionally, and confidentially, providing the beneficent reporter with confidentiality and protection.


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