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Issue No.第二十九期(春季號)
TitleOuyang Xiu, this ‘xiu’ or that ‘xiu’ ?
AuthorTsai, Ken-hsiang
AbstractOuyang Xiu was the champion proser in Song Dynasty. His articles, not only as the model that the past scholars must imitate, even to this day, still must be chosen in Chinese literature textbooks. His name, ‘Xiu’ (修), known very well by people of our country in the past, now being a little bit confused. Many people argue that, according to his handwriting ink marks and signatures of the stone engraving, his name should be another ‘Xiu’(脩), not to mention that this another ‘Xiu’ was also used in some famous proses composed by Sou DongPo, one of his brightest students. But some people think it is just a calligraphic preference to write ‘Xiu’(脩) rather than ‘Xiu’(修), taking these two characters are semantically interchangeable. This paper aims to support this latter argument not only through reviewing the usages of ‘Xiu’ in the dynasties including Song and in Master Ouyang’s habit, but also through checking Master Ouyang’s signatures of seals that prove his names.
KeywordOuyang Xiu
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