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Issue No.第三十四期(春季號)
TitleConfucian Classic Thoughts of the Mainland Scholars in Hong Kong: From a Perspective of Chen Zhanquan and His Network
AuthorWong, Wai-ho
AbstractThe studies of the Confucian Classics in Hong Kong are developed and widespread by the mainland scholars who immigrated to Hong Kong after the establishment of the Republic of China (ROC). This paper discusses the aspect of the studies of the Confucian Classics in Hong Kong since ROC’s establishment by looking into CHEN Zhanquan and his social and academic network, which include Xia Shumei, WU Tianren, RAO Zongyi, WU Xianzi, LIANG Hancao, HUANG Weichang and ZHU Zifan, and discovers that the Confucian Classic thoughts that they advocated in the territory are derived from the Qing scholars, or their own ancestors, or self apprehension. What is most significant is that they tried not only to accept or reject the opinions of both ancient and contemporary scholars, but also to put forward more inspirational and modern interpretations on the classics. In addition, this paper suggests two perspectives for academics and scholars to research on the studies of the Confucian Classics in Hong Kong from the ROC establishment onwards: one is Hok Hoi Association of Hong Kong; and the other is Guangdong Wenxian and relevant documents.
KeywordThe Republic of China Period, Studies of Classics in Hong Kong, Mainland scholars in Hong Kong, CHEN Zhanquan, network, Hok Hoi Association of Hong Kong
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