Degree Programs



  Department of Chinese (Bachelor’s)- Curriculum Planning for the department is divided into five categories, as follows: Philology, Literature, Philosophy, History, Teaching Practicum. Courses are complete and substantial. There is a uniformed distribution of teachers according to expertise; more than 90% of the teachers are professors or associate professors and they are mostly outstanding in their field of expertise.

  So, if you want to be a leading learner in the academic field, or if you want to be a writer with both visual and technological communication skills, this course is the right course for you. We aim to empower students with professional skills, allowing them to deepen their roots of understanding towards Chinese culture and encourage them to break away from the old traditions to define their culture in a creative way.

  There are many channels of enrolment into the Bachelor’s course. and they possess international cultures characteristics. There are international students, sister schools’ students, double degree students and visiting students. This allows us to create a learning environment suitable for international academic exchanges. In addition, the Department of Chinese offers scholarships and exchange programmes for students. Not only that, but also internship opportunities to various industries. Aboriginals, students with physical disabilities and students with outstanding sports performances have additional intakes for the entrance into the department of Chinese.
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