Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorLAI, Kuei-SanZhou Yi, Chinese classics, Chinese Philosophy, study of Chinese characters, study of ancient Chinese literature
Distinguished ProfessorHSU, Chun-YaTaiwanese literature, Chinese teaching materials and methods
ProfessorPAN, Li-ChuChinese operas, classical Poetry,Aesthetics of Literature,Chinese teaching materials and methods
ProfessorTSAI, Meng-ChenChinese classical Operas, Literature, Folk Literature, Narrative and Singing arts, Kun opera stage arts
ProfessorWU, Sheng-ShiungLinguistic,Phonology,History of Japanese Phonology,Phonology of Chinese characters in Japanese
Distinguished ProfessorWANG, Chi-Lunstudy of classical prose, history of Chinese literature, Chinese teaching
ProfessorCHEN, FangChinese opera, Taiwanese opera, modern Taiwanese drama
ProfessorWANG, Jin-HuiChinese language syntax, Chinese history syntax, rhetoric
ProfessorLIN, Pao-ChungNovels in Ming and Qing dynasties, concepts and thoughts of Ming and Qing dynasties, folk literature, folklore
ProfessorCHEN, Liao-Anthe classics, Calendar, study of Yi, Taoism, Study of Chinese characters
ProfessorHU, Yan-NanNovels in Ming and Qing dynasties, Modern novels
ProfessorCHUNG, Chung-HsienChinese Mythology
ProfessorHUANG, Ming-LiCalligraphy, Calligraphy teaching,History of Chinese literati (in Song, Yuan and Ming)
ProfessorCHIANG, Shu-ChunLao Zi, Zhuang Zi, Wei-Jin dynasty Metaphysics
Distinguished ProfessorCHIN, Pei-YiFour Books, History of the classics, Chinese elements in Japanese, Comparison of Confucian philosophy in Chinese and Japanese, Japanese in Chinese
ProfessorFAN,Yi-RuLiterature of Ming Dynasty , Modern Literature
ProfessorLIN, Jia-RongSTudy of poetry (Ci), literature of Zhu Zi
ProfessorLI, Chi-HungChinese classical novels, theory and criticism of narrative
ProfessorCHENG, Tsan-ShanThought of Taoism, Confucianism
ProfessorSHIH, Hsiao-FengModern literature, theory of literature
ProfessorLEE, Hsing-LingChinese Buddhism, Ancient Pre-Qin philosophers, philosophy in Wei-Jin South-North Dynasty
ProfessorHSU, Kuo-NengClassical literature, Modern literature
ProfessorKUO,Wei-JuClassical Chinese Grammar, Mandarin Grammar
ProfessorHUANG, Jing-JiaBiography of Buddhism, Buddhism literature
ProfessorLIU, Tsang-LongConfucianism, Nietzsche, Inter-cultural Philosophy
ProfessorLIN, Xiang-WeTaiwanese / Ho-Lo, study of vocabulary, Taiwanese literature
ProfessorLIN, Yi-RongStudy of Ming Dynasty`s culture and literature
Associate ProfessorHUANG, Ying-NuanChinese philosophy in the Song and the Ming Dynasty, Confucian Philosophy,The thinking of "The Four Books"
Associate ProfessorWU, Chin-WeiLinguistic, Phonology, Language acquisition
Associate ProfessorLO, Fan-ChenChinese Database and Computer Skills Teaching, Application of the sSudy of Characters, Characters in Chu dynasty in Zhan-Guo era, Calligraphy
Associate ProfessorHUANG, Li-ChuanStudy of Chinese characters, Study of Ancient Chinese Literature
Associate ProfessorLIN, Shu-YunStudy of Articles
Associate ProfessorHSU, Hua-Fengthe Book of History, history of the classics, dubious authenticity discrimination
Associate ProfessorCHEN, Shi-RuTravel Literature, Modern Prose, Taiwanese literature
Associate ProfessorCHEN, Xuan-WeiChinese Teaching ,Ancient Chinese Characters, Confucian Classics
Assistant ProfessorTSENG, Wei-ChiehPhilosophy of Xunzi, Confucianism, Pre-Qin philosophy, Philosophy of Han dynasty, I-Ching and philosophical counseling, Popularization of philosophy
Assistant Professor 
LecturerWANG, Wen-ChiChinese teaching
Student AdviserYOU, Lan-KaiStudent Affairs Counselor
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