Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorCHEN, Li-KueiAncient Pre-Qin Philosophy, Han Dynasty literatures and culture, philosophies of Yellow Emperor and Lao Zi, Research on concepts of unearthed literature (recent 20 years)
ProfessorCHANG,Chun-RongRhetoric, Composition Teaching, Extreme Short Novels
Associate ProfessorLI,Tsing-YunLiterature of six dynasties, Classical Prose
Associate ProfessorYANG, Ju-HsueAncient Chinese syntax, Syntax of language teaching, middle school Chinese teaching materials and methods, linguistic, rhetoric
Associate ProfessorKUO, Nai-ChenPhonology, Classical prose, The Songs of the South, Chinese teaching materials and methods, Research of Chinese teaching materials and methods
Associate Professor 
LecturerZHANG,Mei-YuHakka Dialect
LecturerSHEN,Su-MiaoMandarin Speaking Contest
LecturerCHEN, Jia-YingModern Literature, Teaching in Reading and Writing
LecturerYI, Li-YuCompilation of Chinese Textbooks
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